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Learn about Construction Schedule Management with Angel Tejada's book series. 

Angel Tejada

Author & President

CCE Enterprises, Inc. was established by Angel Tejada in order to publish the books that he has written on construction schedule management. Learning About Single Projects, currently online, is the first entry in a series in progress. The other books currently in the works are: Proactive Planning and BenchmarkingProactive Claim Management, and Resources.

Mr. Angel Tejada is an experienced civil engineer who has been working in the construction industry for the more than 40 years. After earning a Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York, he worked as a professional civil engineer in the Dominican Republic. His experiences range from estimating, supervision, fieldwork, planning, scheduling, roadwork and structural design to feasibility studies for tourist projects and urban development, light and heavy construction, and problem solving.

He spent several years doing research in estimating on all sixteen divisions of the Construction Specification Industry (CSI), in which he developed software that can do the construction takeoff. Given the proper dimensions, the software can also calculate the total cost, the bill of materials, man-hours and equipment hours. One part of this software, devoted to Roofing, is already registered in the Congress Catalog in Washington DC.

Additionally, Tejada has used his knowledge and experience to instruct members of the industry. He previously worked as Project Controls Instructor at Miami Micro Data on books he himself has authored and also Recourse and Cost Analysis with P6 by Primavera.

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